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        龍巖泰華農資有限公司 龍巖泰華食品有限公司 龍巖泰華果蔬有限公司 泰華果蔬氣調保鮮研究所 泰華果蔬保鮮加工配送服務中心 泰華農產品質量檢測中心 泰華果蔬氣調冷藏保鮮庫 國酒茅臺龍巖專賣店 泰華高優農業生產示范基地
        Thailand Food Co., Ltd. Longyan Longyan Industrial Co., Ltd. Thailand's specialized food enterprises is the "national drink Maotai", "Lu flower peanut oil," "Po Lu series of oil" and other well-known food brands in western Fujian sole agent.

             Thailand Foods Limited trading has a long history in the business of the company always adhere to the principle of "honesty, quality first, customer first" business purposes, with excellent customer service, strive to build their own brand of service. Business projects to edible vegetable oil, alcohol the most unique, is a joint venture in Xiamen, Ltd. Po Lu Lu vegetable oil cooking oil, peanut oil, Shandong Lu wreath, "State Liquor Maotai", Sichuan, and many other domestic and international famous brand name products Langjiu Minxi distributor. "Taihua Food" has become the city's wholesale food business industry leading companies.
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